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          Where people work, where children learn, where families and friends gather together, light and comfort emanate from the reliable electricity.

          DFE provides the businesses Service of Power Grid Operation. By using the Electric Utilities Operation experience of State Grid of China, DFE will help the Abroad Electric Utilities to improve the quality of power supply service, realize and improve the Company's values in the process of creating values for users, and establishing a uniform standard for power supply service and customer service. The mission of us is to help Electric Utilities provide safe, economical, clean and sustainable electric power for social and economic development.

          DFE's Service Scope
          Project Commissioning and Trial Running including:

          Power Plant Engineering Project

          Power Transmission and transformation Project

          Power Distribution Engineering Project

          Electric Utilities Management & Operation, including:

          Maintenance service for Power Plant, Substations, Overhead High-Voltage Lines, Communication System, SCADA/EMS System, etc

          Power Grid Energizing or Power Grid "Black-start"

          Power Grid Daily Operation and Control

          Power Utility Management and Regulation

          Development of telecommunication network

          Development of framework for regulatory structure, grid codes, etc

          Development of framework for structure of tariff and power trading market, wheeling, interconnection and operation & maintenance agreement

          Power system protection

          Staff Training, including:

          Dispatch EMS and DMS training

          SCADA and Hardware training

          Telecommunication Systems and RTU training

          Management of Grid on real time basis training

          Quality assurance and inspection services training

          Up-grading of transmission network training

          Operations and maintenance of transmission networks training

          Power System Studies & Consulting, including:

          Load flow study

          Short circuit calculations

          Protection Coordination study

          Grounding System study

          Cable calculations & sizing

          Panel engineering

          Electrical protection & metering

          Electrical Control, interlocking

          SCADA system design

          Equipment specifications

          Material Requisitions